Member Benefits

Japanese Student Association is diverse. We have had different ethnic groups join our association.Β  We welcome you to join our student association. As a member you will be able to enjoy different kinds of benefits:

  • Learning about Japanese Culture and Language through our events
  • Meeting and making new friends
  • Discounts at our sponsors
  • An experience you can take outside of college

Membership Registration

To register simply complete the membership form which can be obtained either from our tabling sessions at the HUB lawn or from the link below. Just return it to any officers listed on the officer page or at our tabling sessions or at our events along with a $5 yearly membership fee.

Membership Application
Sponsorship Guidebook

Become part of the JSA Officer Team

We are currently have no openings. However, we will have elections in the beginning of June 2011.


    2 responses

    25 04 2011
    Garrett Mosier

    I am going to be a non-matriculated student this summer and plan to continue being one in the future, granted that I am allowed to do so. Does the JSA allow non-matriculated students to join? Is it common for Caucasians to join? Thanks for the assistance in this matter.

    28 04 2011
    Japanese Student Association

    You should be allowed to join :)! It doesn’t matter if you’re Caucasian. JSA is about spreading Japanese cultural awareness, not a club for only Japanese people. Everyone is welcome to join! πŸ™‚

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