DONATE to Japan

In collaboration with UC San Diego and other universities on the west coast, we would like to ask for your help.
The following is taken from Yeon Kim of UCSD:

In regards to the recent earthquake in Japan,

By now the news that Japan confronted devastating effects along its northeastern coast should have reached the billions across the world. A major 8.9 magnitude earthquake marked the beginning, with fire breaking out in various districts. To make matters worse a 10 meter tsunami followed, which took along with it everything in its path.

As of now, it has been reported that 1,100 people are either missing or have passed away. The numbers are still growing.

Upon examining the published list of those who have perished in this tragedy, one thing is evident: nature has no mercy. Due to this incident many parents lost their children, and many children lost their means of living. People lost their significant others in a span of a few hours. Houses were destroyed, streets twisted, and public transportation were called to a halt. People were trapped, some were buried alive or drowned to death not understanding what had occurred to them or their country. Dreams were shattered and unspoken messages were buried along with their bodies.

How difficult it is to contain oneself when the people in our homeland are suffering. It hurts to watch news clips and read articles reporting the devastation and losses felt amongst countless amount of people in our country.

Yet, it is impossible to feel what the victims are feeling as this message is being typed. It is impossible to understand their sorrows, and heal their wounds with our sympathy.

So let us take action.

Let us help in rebuilding their lives. Let us help in rebuilding their cities, their streets, and their homes. Let us take away the traces of the earthquake and tsunami so that the victim’s will not be reminded of their losses. Let us take action and show them that they are not alone in this.

More than 50 countries are offering their help to Japan.

Let us make a difference as well.
Join the cause. We, the Japanese Student Association at University of Washington are launching a campaign to donate an amount of $10,000 to help the earthquake victims. Any amount of donations can make a difference.

Let us hope that our friends and loved ones are okay.
Let us pray that the souls of those who passed away may rest in peace.

Thank you for your help.

-UW JSA Officer Team

Click Here to Donate

Also, please join our crane making efforts at:!/event.php?eid=158133547576294


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