Kikokugo Global Career Partners Inc. Seminar (帰国GO就職セミナー)

1 05 2011

This coming May 12th, we will be having Kikokugo (帰国GO) Global Career Partners Inc. coming in to talk to our members about their company, what their function is as a corporation in America and career opportunities that they may have for you.

This seminar is focused on students who are international or exchange students from Japan, or students interested in going to Japan for employment. (JAPANESE LANGUAGE COMPREHENSION IS RECOMMENDED BUT NOT REQUIRED)
Their main purpose is to help these students in career counseling, hold mock interviews, build stronger resumes, and generally support students in preparing for future career opportunities.

Two speakers will be coming in to talk about what their plans are as a company in the coming years of 2012-2013, and also to answer any questions that you may have about careers in Japan/America.


With any questions, please feel free to contact JSA@UW or Momoko at

We look forward to seeing you there!

Time: Thursday, May 12 · 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Location: Savery Hall Room 164

帰国 留学生のための就職セミナー  


Global Career Partners Inc.
松谷 光一(まつや こういち)Global Career Partners Inc. 社長
浜崎 日菜子(はまさき ひなこ)Global Career Partners Inc. ジェネラルマネジャー


②2012年、2013年 留学生採用スケジュール




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