Spring Quarter General Meeting, Hanami, Mariners and much more!

5 04 2011

Hey all! How was Spring break for everyone? Week 1 is finally over! Only so many more to go! We hope Spring Quarter hasn’t started off too rough for everyone. If you’re dreading it, well fear no more, Japanese Student Associate has so much planned for you guys. This quarter is one of our busiest! So without further ado…

To kick off the quarter, we have the Spring Quarter General Meeting. Like Fall and Winter quarter, everyone comes to hear about all the events we are planning and to get to know the officers. Along with our events we will be discussing our most anticipated event, Matsuri. So make sure you’re there to to hear all the great things!

Date/Time: Friday April 8th, 5.30-6.30pm
Location: Smith 304

Hanami is finally here! The Cherry Blossoms are finally in bloom and they’re beautiful! Hanami translates into flower-viewing which is basically what we’re doing. Come bring some snacks and enjoy the beauty that these blossoms have for us. Along with the viewing, we will be taking pictures so you and your friends can remember this wonderful event.

Date/Time: Sunday April 10th, 1-4.30pm
Location: The Quad (Denny, Smith.. etc. Where the blossoms are.)
**This event may be cancelled due to weather. Please check our facebook event page to keep update** Facebook Event Page

Baseball season is at last here! And who is a player that we love? ICHIRO!! JSA is planning a Mariner’s Game Night to bring everyone together and support our favorite Japanese Mariner! Come join JSA for an unforgettable event and a FREE Ichiro bobblehead.

Date/Time: May 6th, 7-10pm
Safeco Field

Please see below for more details

For this event, we will have to buy tickets in advance once they go on sale. If you’re interested in come, stop by our table on Red Square starting this week around 11.30-2.30 (There are some days that we aren’t tabling for the full shift. If so, contact a JSA officer/post on the JSA page and we will make magic happen! If we get at least 25 people to sign up, we can get a group discount!

Matsuri, one of our most anticipated events is coming up soon! April 16th!! This is going to be the 5th annual Matsuri that JSA is going to hold. Expect there to be wonderful food, games, entertainment and much more.

We’ve worked hard to conjure up an amazing line-up for our entertainment. Many musical guests with short intermissions for prizes! Also, there will be a wide selection of yummy treats that will make your mouth water. And fun games that will make you want to come back for more!

Come to our General Meeting this Friday to hear more details! You can also find us tabling on Red Square roughly 11.30-2.30!



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