BUBBLE TEA Fundraiser!!

14 02 2011

Hey all!

JSA is having another fundraising event and this time it’s with everyone’s favorite, BUBBLE TEA!! It’s super delicious and you all know it will be :)! Our Sponsor MEESUM is helping us out with the bubble tea so it’s going to be super scrumptious~! Annnnnnnnnnd, you don’t have to walk all the way up the ave to get it πŸ˜‰ Save you some time if you’re craving some bubble tea!

And what’s better? You guys get to choose the flavors! We will have a poll set up so you guys can choose the flavors to be sold.

Definitely stop by to pick up the bubble tea and talk to the awesome officers ;)!

Date/Time: Wednesday Feb. 23rd & Thursday Feb 24th. From 11.30-2.30

Location: Our table in RED SQUARE (somewhere in front of Kane Hall)

Price: $3 per drink!


Poll will be up soon πŸ˜€



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