JSA Matsuri Performance Opportunities

20 01 2011

Do you have a talent that you want to show?
Are you good at singing or just simply love singing?
Well, this is your chance to share your talent with us!
We provide the stage, and you only need to come prepared! 🙂

Japanese Student Association is having its annual Matsuri in the spring quarter, and is looking for performers for the event.
Band, guitar, dance, magic show, singing…Any kind of performance is welcomed! Just think of it as a talent show. 😉 If you are thinking of singing performance, we can also provide band to play your song!
We are having an audition sometime in mid-February.
If you are interested, please contact us through email:
Rika Nakahara (ikatsu@u.washington.edu)
Kazunari Saga (kcs22@u.washington.edu)
The deadline is January 31st of this month, so please let us know that you are interested ASAP!

Date&Time: February 19th
Deadline: Jan. 31st (Mon)
Contact: ikatsu@u.washington.edu OR kcs22@u.washington.edu
Send us an email stating the following:
Your name, what kind of performance you are doing, and how we could contact you, i.e. phone number and email address.

FYI, if you don’t know what Matsuri is, here is what it looked like last year! 🙂

Thank you!
-JSA Team




月日&時間: 二月中旬 (後日発表)
応募締め切り: 1月31日(月)
ikatsu@u.washington.edu (Rika Nakahara)
又は kcs22@u.washington.edu (Kazunari Saga)
メール記入事項: 名前、どんなパフォーマンスをするか、電話番号やメールなどの連絡方法





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