JSA Dango & Onigiri Night

8 01 2011

Happy New Year to everyone!! Hopefully everyone’s managed to keep their resolutions so far πŸ˜‰ Perhaps one of them is to finally attend a JSA event (’cause you know they are spectacular)!

To kick off the new year, the Japanese Student Association is holding its annual Dango & Onigiri Night. What is dango or onigiri? Dango is a sweet little morsel that is closely related to mochi. It can be paired with different garnishes such as red bean or a sweet soy sauce. Onigiri is a very popular Japanese snack or meal. It consisits of rice with different seasonings sprinkled on. You can also find it plain, filled with some tasty ingredient. For more information, Dango or Onigiri. This is a great way to immerse yourself in Japanese culture, not only by being in JSA, but by trying Japanese foods!

This night will be filled with delicious treats and a chance to meet new people. Come and relax before the quarter gets too hectic!!

See you there!

Time: Friday, January 14th | 5.30-7.30

Location: Nordheim Community Center (Where Dessert Night was held)

Price: Members = FREE | Non-Members = $3



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