Krispy Kreme Doughnut Sale

2 11 2010

Haven’t had a krispy kreme doughnut in a long time? Forgot what that fluffy-melt-in-your-mouth tastes like? We know you have! That is why JSA is having a Krispy Kreme doughnut sale!

Perhaps you forgot breakfast this morning. Maybe you want a delicious morsel in your mouth. Whatever the reason, come stop by JSA’s Table at Red Square and we will provide the delcious-ness for you.

Along with the doughnuts, we will be selling STARBUCKS coffee! YUM. COFFEE AND DOUGHNUTS. And the doughnuts will be as discount!

When: November 8th – November 10th
Time: 11.30-2.30
Where: Red Square (find JSA’s table)
$1 per doughnut
$8 per box (12 doughnuts)
$7.5 per box for 2 boxes (24 doughnuts)

Come by to indulge, chat, or just hang around!



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