Vancouver Trip!!

28 11 2010

Hey-o! Remember those 50 dollars you deposited two weeks ago? Well now it’s time to complete the deal by providing us with the rest of the money! Stop by our table next week (Monday, November 29th) and drop off the rest to secure your seat in our trip!


Hope you guys had a great 6-day weekend~!


Sponsor Updates

18 11 2010

Hello hello! Hope everyone is excited for Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow! Get together with other people and make new friends! If you don’t know about it, please click here!

So we’ve had some recent additions to our Ave Sponsors:

  • Thai Heaven: 15% off dinner (Sun-Thurs 2:30pm-10pm, Fri-Sat 2.30-11pm)
  • Cafe Madeleine: 10% off purchases over $6
  • Enkore: 10% off standard room rates

We’ve also received new Corporate Sponsors:

  • International Cross-Cultural Committee
  • Yamato Transportation
  • K&I Lawyers
  • Nature’s Harvest

Unfortunately our Sponsor’s Webpage is under construction. Please bear with us!

Enjoy your new discounts!! See you at Thanksgiving Dinner πŸ™‚

JSA Thanksgiving Dinner!

12 11 2010

Hello, hello! Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we’re all looking forward to our break, right? Well, before we let you guys go on the short break, we are hosting our own Thanksgiving Dinner!

What is the purpose? Thanksgiving is about “giving thanks” to everything around us. Not only that, it’s a great way to bring together people from different origins. As being part of JSA, you are part of our JSA Family :). We invite you to feast with us!

You may have never had a thanksgiving dinner in your life and nows the time to experience that! Perhaps you know what it is already, then come for another meal before the one at home. Or just come because you know it’ll be fun ;).

Date/Time: Friday November 19th, 6.30-8.30

Location: Ethnic Cultural Center (ECC)

Prices: Members: $5
Non-Members: $7

J’s Communication Seminar

12 11 2010

Hey Boys and Dolls!
Check this out if you can read Japanese. Click to Enlarge!

Study Abroad Info Session

12 11 2010

Have you always wanted to study abroad but thought you had no time or that it was too expensive? Or you just didn’t know where to start? Come to the Study Abroad Info Session to find out how to make study abroad fit and hear how students like you made it work! This session will be led by a panel of students who have gone abroad and been through the application process. Let us help you navigate the maze!

Study Abroad Info Sessions

Tuesday, November 16th @ 3:30pm
Mary Gates Hall 258

Wednesday, January 19th @ 3:30pm
Mary Gates Hall 258
(location tentative)

To RSVP (optional), please visit

Questions can be directed to

Thank you and hope to see you there!

New Sponsors: KDDI & China First

3 11 2010

Hey hey hey! How are you all doing~ Hopefully all your midterms were aced and you’ve been relaxing a bit. Recently, JSA has been receiving a lot more support and we have some new sponsors! (And if you guys haven’t tried our new sponsor Madeleine, GO CHECK THEM OUT. Super yum!)

KDDI corporation is a telecommunications operator founded in Japan. They do services such as mobile phones and navigation interfaces for cars! Fortunately, they have decided to support JSA and we are ever so thankful for them! Welcome one of our new sponsors, KDDI!

We also welcome China First as another ave sponsor (more discounts on food :D)! Not only do they serve delicious food, they also deliver!! We will keep you posted about the discounts!

JSA Vancouver Trip!

2 11 2010

Hello hello! Our hard-working Freshman Officers would like to invite you all to our Vancouver Trip! We’re planning on going up to Vancouver, B.C. to enjoy the company of each other! We’ll be reserving a hotel and plan some fun events! It is going to be an unforgettable trip!

WHEN: January 15 – 17 (MLK Weekend)

COSTS: $150
This fee will cover the two hotel nights and transportation. Sorry, you guys will have to pay for food and other necessities. But we are planning to eat together or providing a list of restaurants so don’t worry about needing to look for places to eat!

We will be collecting deposits starting November 15th at Red Square.
Nov. 15-19: $50 Deposit
Nov. 29 – Dec. 3: $100 Deposit

LOCATION: Vancouver, B.C.
The hotel has yet to be decided. But will most likely be in downtown.
FOUR people to a room.

TRANSPORTATION: Depending on the amount of people who sign up we will either bus or carpool.

VISAS: We know that there are many international students among you guys. You will need to get a Visa to get into Canada. Please check here if you need a visa to visit Canada: Countries that REQUIRE Visas for Canada

We hope that all of you can come!
If you have any questions, please email: